Going postal

Shiny"Gina should quit doing jiu-jitsu, because she gets hurt too much. First she broke her arm, and now she has stitches!" -Levi, age 9

Most of the people I know who don't train Jiu-Jitsu already thought I was a little bit crazy for doing it, then after they saw the stitches in my face, they were completely convinced. A few people have asked me if I'm going to quit Jiu-Jitsu now, but the answer is a resounding "NO!". The only way I will ever quit doing Jiu-Jitsu is if I'm dead, or physically unable.

Shihan told Joe that I should take up something safer (like Karate ;), then the next day at the Karate convention, Sensei Rod broke his arm! There is an element of danger in all martial arts.

I did take the past week off (mostly to pacify my husband), but my stitches came out today, and I will be in Jiu-Jitsu class tonight! I'm not afraid, and this injury has not dampened my spirit in the slightest. My injuries are not Jiu-Jitsu's fault, they're my own fault. I'm going to keep doing what I love.

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor stitches in my face, nor broken bones, will stay me from jiu-jitsu. Ever." -Ginger